Fuelling stairs

Designed for the refuelling of all types of aircrafts, our robust refuelling stairs are made of aluminum alloy. They are light, easy to maneuver and easy to deploy.


Towable fuelling stairs use a manual hydraulic elevation system reaching from 1930 to 3250 mm or from 2490 to 4250 mm. They are mainly destined to be used with large rigid chassis. The stairs inclination never goes over 50° in its highest position.


The TITAN AVIATION fixed height fuelling stairs allow you to work at heights situated between 2900 and 3500mm. Ergonomic and heavy-duty design simplify their use.


Refuelling Carts

  • Works on all types of airports
  • Tank capacity up to 10000L
  • Towable by all types of vehicle
  • Very compact


Hydrant Carts

  • Works on all types of airports equipped with a hydrant system.
  • Can remain parked on parking points without being moved very often.
  • Flow up to 250 m3/h
  • Towable by all types of vehicle equipped with a tow bar
  • Elevating or fixed fuelling stairsin option
  • Very compact


Hydrant pit cleaners

TITAN AVIATION hydrant pit cleaners are designed to clean, rinse and vacuum hydrant pits, and ensure a maximum quality of service. In this purpose, they are equipped with a rinse and suction lances, and an air gun for drying the hydrant pit. Being equipped with onboard compressor, our hydrant pit cleaners to be completely autonomous and don’t require any external energy source. The equipment can be installed on a motorized chassis or a towable trailer.

Main Functions

  • Tank and rinse line for clean product

  • Tank and suction line for dirty product

  • Air tank and gun for drying

  • Low point flushings

Hydrant pit cleaner carts

  • Tank capacity up to 10,000 liters

  • Towable by all types of vehicles equipped with a towing hook

  • Very compact