embedded systems manager
Pierre joined TITAN AVIATION team one week ago as Embedded Systems Manager in R&D department. He explains us his job challenge…

Embedded system, what’s that?

First of all, we must evaluate the two notions: “system” and “embedded”. “System” is hidden behind user interface, between the moment when the user gives an order and the moment when he receives an answer. “System” needs to be totally transparent for user, easy to get and operational. And then, the word « embedded » relates to mobility, as simple as that.

What will be your first missions at TITAN AVIATION?

The first step will be to define the operator’s needs in order to fix all the issues they meet, even those they didn’t even realize! I will go in the field to observe and question. Next, I will be able to work on vehicle ergonomics. At the same time, we will consider environmental needs, in every aspect: constraints on tarmac for instance, regulations to follow, needs in terms of sustainable development…

What will be the completion of this work of need identification?

An innovative and different mobility, a truck adapted to refuelling constraints, which are very specific. From users’ needs and environmental constraints, it will be necessary to design a system as simple, reliable and efficient as possible, which will permit to realize the function we need: refuelling. We must be customer-centric and ease its activity.