TD80 abastecedor 80 000L



Here is the first combined refueller of 80 000L (semi-trailer 40 000L + trailer 40 000L), called «TD80», equipped with EZ Control digital technology.

This combined refueller is adapted for airports welcoming jumbo jets but not equipped with hydrant system. It enables to reduce number of rotations (load/unload) and plane stopover time.

In terms of ergonomic, TD80 offers a better manoeuvrability than a semi-trailer with the same capacity. Turning radius is around 30% shorter to enable a better traffic amongst planes.

Fuelling group consists of 4 fuelling lines. The 2 lines on elevating platform (compatible 777-900) have a maximum flow rate of 150m3/h. The 2 long lines are equipped with underwing nozzle and each one has a meter to refuel simultaneously 1 or 2 wings, respecting metrological requirements.

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